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Zucchini Pasta

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Tonight we (and by we I mean Mat) made this zucchini pasta.  It.  Was.  Fabulous.

I was pretty much a zombie after getting home from a long day, so I kind of let him take care of everything while I sat on the couch (after doing crunches).  Being a zombie meant I forgot to remind him to take pictures as he made it.  But, I do have a picture of it on my plate, along with a barbecue ranch salad:


We also finished off the pinot grigio that Diana brought yesterday:


Along with orange flesh melon:


And garlic toast.  Because otherwise the entire meal was going to be vegetables and fruit and while that’s basically fantastic in my book, a person’s system kind of needs more than that.


I had two pieces.  Oh darn.

On another note, please go check out my article on getmethroughtheweek.com!


And now it’s time to watch tv and then hit the hay.  I’m pooped!


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