Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

What Has Happened to my Picture Taking?

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This is the only picture I took of my lunch today:



I also had half a pb&j and a baggie of cereal for breakfast. And coffee. Obviously.

So far the day has gone well. The Algebra 2 kids are doing well, paying attention, and I think they came into my class knowing more than the students from the last two years. This is huge.

One more math class period to go, then make copies for next week and hopefully check on the dance budget, then dance production. I’m so excited!!

After work I’m going to Karl Strauss for a little “yay we have tenure” celebration. I remember it happening last year and hoping all would go well and I’d get to celebrate this year. And I do! I won’t be staying long-I’m a bit tired from the first few days, but it will be nice to unwind and be celebratory.

Lunch is almost over-gotta check in dance shoe and bag prices!


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