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Newly Tenured

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After school today, a bunch of teachers went to a restaurant called Karl Strauss to celebrate the newly tenured teachers at our school.  And guess what?  I’m one of them!  I enjoyed a glass of wine courtesy of Mr. Cush and shared the hummus and pita appetizer with Ms. Park.  I intended to leave around 5 so I could get home and have an evening, but wine on an empty stomach is not the best idea for driving, so I stayed longer to get some food in me.

I had some sautéed veggies for dinner along with my usual cottage cheese meal from the summer (cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, honey, granola, and strawberries).


Today was another good day at work, and I’m thrilled to be able to say that.  I have a lot more motivation and a lot less dread, which in turn helps the overall tiredness.  That being said, I’m hoping it’s nice and overcast tomorrow so I can attempt 14 miles, something I haven’t done since mid-June.  Hopefully I wake up as motivated as I felt today.

Busy weekend planned: picnic and outdoor concert of Tchaikovsky music with my parents, my sister, and her boyfriend, my mom’s church choir is having a reunion and they’re all singing at the service on Sunday, and Diana is coming over to hang out in the afternoon.  It should be good!



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