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What Happened to the Afternoon?

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I swear, the afternoon time just FLIES.  By the time I get home it’s after 4 pm (and this is before dance have started) and then before I know it it’s dinnertime.  Granted, dinnertime is earlier when Mat has to work early the next day.  It’s amazing how soon it’s 8 or 9 pm.

I neglected breakfast and lunch today.  Breakfast was cottage cheese, granola, and strawberries wolfed down at work with coffee.  Lunch was half a pb&j and a banana.  Yes.  The same as yesterday.

Following in the sameness, dinner was leftover pasta salad


enjoyed with the rest of the champagne from yesterday


After dinner we watched another episode of Boy Meets World – we’re on the first episode of season 6 already!  We also enjoyed some leftover cake from the freezer.  I wanted to celebrate a successful first day, and cake seemed like the perfect choice.  Since I couldn’t decide  between wedding cake and birthday cake, we had some of both.

We didn’t quite finish it:


I think we put most of what’s in the photo in the fridge.  The birthday cake piece was HUGE so after sharing the normal size wedding piece we were only able to eat about half (ok, a bit more than half) of it.  We’ve been trying not to eat as much dessert lately, but this was so worth it.  Plus I never had a snack when I got home and really didn’t eat a whole lot all day.

Tomorrow I get to find out what my dance girls can and can’t do so we can plan for the first assembly.  Let’s hope the second day is as positive as the first!


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