Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.


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When I woke up this morning, I had another of my usuals for breakfast:


Yep.  A too-full bowl of cereal.  But it was delicious.  I had iced coffee too.

I ate while watching TLC.  It was a rerun of “Say Yes to the Dress: The Big Day,” the one with the girl who bought a $34,000 dress and the entire wedding cost who knows what.  Her mom paid for everything.  Watching it made my jaw drop to the floor.  The extravagance of it all was like something out of a movie.  At the same time, watching it got me all teary because I was thinking back to our wedding day.  🙂

I’ve been trying to work on stuff for school (creating warm-ups, worksheets, etc) and I’ve made some progress, but the next how that came on was “High School Moms.”  That makes my jaw drop too, but for entirely different reasons.  It’s so sad to see these girls and their boyfriends/fiances/whatevers struggling.  On the one hand, I think about how easily they could have prevented getting pregnant, but on the other hand I look at them in their situation now and just wonder how they do it.  It’s amazing that there’s a school with daycare to help the teen moms, but it’s also shocking how many girls go to this school and quite possibly go to other similar schools in the country that aren’t on TLC.

Maybe I should turn it off because it’s definitely a distraction.  Or I’ll turn it down…

Gotta get more down before the party this afternoon!


Author: Melissa

Getting healthy - mind, body, and soul.

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