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Google is My Friend


I spent a good chunk of time after my lovely overnight oats breakfast working on lesson plans for the first week and a half of school.  We’re about to leave for the mall, so I’m going to make this quick.

I decided to use Google calendar this year rather than buy a lesson plan book.  Not only does it save me money ($11) but it means I can see my lessons through iCal on both my home and work MacBooks, on my iPhone, the iPad, and through gmail if I’m somewhere else and for some reason don’t have my phone (ha, yeah right).

If I’m using my phone, it looks like this:


Nice and clean, huh?

I think once I get used to using it, I’m going to like it a lot better.  Since I obviously type much faster than I write, I can quickly jot down a lot of details of what I want to do that day which will make things much easier on a weekly and daily basis.

The next step (tomorrow) is to start creating word docs for warm ups, lessons, homework, etc.  I want to create a DropBox with tons of Algebra 2 materials like my co-workers did for Geometry.  It will be a good amount of work, so I really don’t know why I’m volunteering myself, single-handedly at the moment, but in the end it will be very helpful to a lot of people, better organized (for me anyway), and will help us move toward the Common Core Standards.

Now it’s off to the mall!


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4 thoughts on “Google is My Friend

    • I can send you more detailed stuff after Monday when I review my old notes, but basically what I do to review absolute value is start with x not shifted and my “house” on 0 (my “address” on the number line) and then Starbucks/Yogurtland are each 6 away from me, one in the positive and one in the negative direction, basically abs(x) = 6. Then I tell them how if you want to know the address of each one, you have to write two equations, and then you get the addresses are 6 or -6. You can then easily shift your home to any number and explain what that would do to x inside abs, but if you want Starbucks/Yogurtland still 6 away those addresses change too. You can do a lot with it, and I name the number line with a corny street name and walk all around the room and make a fool of myself. It’s fun though!

  1. sounds cool!

    btw, I stopped back by this post in search of your overnight oats recipe/introduction. I’m totally gonna make it!

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