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Our Friday Dinner Lately

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I was starving when I got home from work this afternoon, so I sliced an apple and had it with almond butter:

I still felt empty after that, but I wanted to wait until dinner.  We’re both trying to be healthier and not eat more than necessary.  I also have to just deal with being hungry until my body gets used to the work schedule again.


I believe this is the 4th week in a row we’ve made eggs for dinner.  We tend to do eggs when we either 1) are too lazy to go get pizza 2) don’t feel like spending money on pizza 3) want to eat healthier than pizza or 4) all of the above.

In case you couldn’t tell, pizza is generally our go-to Friday night dinner.  It comes from the fact that both of us grew up having Friday night pizza and it was always a fun thing that both of our families had the same little tradition (it was one of many similarities between us/our families we discovered when we were first dating).  Pizza is a nostalgic thing.

But sometimes we want to switch things up.  Eggs is a favorite.  Heck, any breakfast for dinner is a favorite, eggs is just the easiest and the thing where you already have the ingredients.

I think Mat makes better eggs that me (I’m not sure why, scrambled eggs are hard to mess up, but there’s just something about his that I think are better.  So, I kind of make ask him to do it.  🙂

He starts with onions, bell peppers, broccoli, and when those have cooked a little adds some spinach:


Then the eggs get added and it’s all scrambled together:




Easy and yummy!

I had mine slathered in ketchup/hot sauce with two pieces of buttermilk bread toast (I was halfway through eating when I discovered the picture):


We finished off the honeydew also:


We watched Boy Meets World on DVD during dinner (another Friday tradition from growing up: eat in front of the tube).  For dessert, port wine and chocolate along with more Boy Meets World:


I have another 10 miler planned for the morning (and hopefully back up to 14 next week) and then need to get some things done for work before we hit the mall to get Mat some clothes.  I’m crossing my fingers the sun doesn’t come out too early tomorrow!


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