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Dinner and Bunheads

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Tonight’s dinner was leftover pizza from Saturday night.  We paired it with a salad and honeydew.

My plate:

I also enjoyed the last of the white wine we brought to Vegas while Mat finished off the red.

We ate while watching Monday’s episode of Bunheads.  Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE that show? 🙂

When I woke up this morning, my abs were sore.  I haven’t had my abs feel sore in a long time, so clearly doing crunches on an incline is a winner!

I’m trying to stay motivated to start a new school year.  A new school year is kind of like the start of a new calendar year where you have lots of ideas about how to better your life and do things differently.  I get to change things in my classroom as I see fit.  This makes me excited and gives me some more control over the year and how things go.

I’m also excited to begin CrossFit in a couple months after the Long Beach Half Marathon.  I’m scared, but excited to see the positive changes that will come from it.

On top of that, Mat and I both have a mission to eat better.  I think I’ve inadvertently been eating more since I’ve been home for the last month, so helpfully going back to a regular work schedule and being in it together will help that.  I’m not quite where I want to be right now.  And I’m trying not to freak out…

Time to get used to getting to bed early again!


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One thought on “Dinner and Bunheads

  1. I’ve seen that show and wondered if it was any good! Your meal looks yummy!

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