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Sadly, we’re back home.  Ok, I guess it’s not so sad because being home safe is always a good thing, but it’s always a bummer to come home from a vacation.  And you know what else?  3 nights in Vegas was more fun than 10 nights in Fiji.  I think there’s something wrong there.

Or maybe not.  I mean, look at these pictures of our room at the Aria Resort and Casino.

the tv and minibar area

the super plushy king-size bed

TWO sinks! and yes, when they cleaned they arranged our sunscreen all pretty-like

shower AND tub

the little entryway

And we can’t forget this little beauty:

Seriously, it was the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed at.  I’d even venture to say it was nicer than the Hyatt we stayed at the night of our wedding.  But only because of all the technology.  Being able to push a button on the wall or on the touch screen remote to close all the curtains and turn off all the lights, all at the same time, is pretty awesome.

Last night we watched The Hangover on the iPad.  I’d never seen the whole thing, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Watching on the smaller screen, propped on our legs, worked just fine.

We’re all done unpacking and are getting some dinner together.  It’s back to work tomorrow for me – only a half day though.  I get to ease back into this whole teaching thing.  I’m a fan.







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