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Another Morning Workout

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This morning we got ourselves up by 8 again and hit the gym. Today’s run was not as nice as yesterday. I was fatigued and had a hard time keeping motivated. I planned for 3 miles, like most Tuesdays, and I accomplished it but had to pause after 2 miles to give myself a breather.

Then I used the inclined ab thingy, this time with it actually inclined. I did 2 sets of 20 regular crunches followed by 2 sets of 10 twisting crunches. Man, did I feel the burn! In a totally good way of course. 🙂

I finished off with 2 sets of 10 leg lifts on one of those things where you hold yourself vertical and pull your legs up so they’re parallel to the floor. I don’t know what it’s called…I should get better at my gym lingo but I don’t usually go to a gym so I don’t know how valuable it really would be.

Coffee followed. I had a nonfat iced mocha like yesterday, but a large this time. 🙂


I also had 2 quinoa balls and a bowl of cereal.

Mat loves quinoa balls


Now it’s pool time!


Author: Melissa

Getting healthy - mind, body, and soul.

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