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Vacation Workout

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This morning after we woke up in our super soft plushy bed, we headed over to the hotel gym. A big hotel on the Las Vegas Strip has a good-sized gym, not surprisingly. We each got a treadmill right away and got to running.

I was happy that there were TVs on each machine and that they had cable channels. I was able to watch reruns of Say Yes To the Dress Bridesmaids and What Not to Wear while running. I generally hate treadmills, but fun tv definitely makes it more bearable. Plus this is summer in Vegas. Running outside at any time of day or night is like death.

My workout summary:


Not bad for a girl who hates the treadmill and is on vacation!

I also did some crunches on one of those inclined things where you stick your feet under another thing to help hold yourself on. I have no idea what it’s called. But, it was a different kind of crunch-50 plain and 50 twisting with a couple breaks worked my abs good.

After that I hit the free weights for my usual arm workout. It was nice to use 5-pounders; at home I only have 3-pounders right now.

We brought breakfast food with us, but no coffee. So we got some on the way back to our room. I had a nonfat iced mocha. It was delicious.


Since then we’ve been sitting by (or in) the pool enjoying the chance to relax. Tonight is Cirque du Soleil. Can’t wait!!


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