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Something New


You may notice that there are now ads (or more ads) on my blog.  I’ve been accepted by WordPress for their WordAds program.  Even though I’m not able to control the kinds of ads that are posted, this is a first step out of many steps I want to take toward bettering my blog.

Why are ads a good thing?  To be frank, it provides opportunities to earn money.  Also, being accepted into this WordPress program means that they felt my site was worthy enough – it’s still a beta program and not everyone has the chance to do it.  That alone is pretty cool.  🙂


I was nibbling as I was prepping dessert things for tomorrow’s dinner, so for lunch I had some carrots and cauliflower with hummus, a hard-boiled egg, and a Babybel light cheese.


Throughout the afternoon I worked on cleaning and laundry.  We recently bought new pillows so we can each have two good ones to sleep on, and the extra pillowcases came today so I wanted to get all that ready for sleeping tonight.  Is it weird i’m excited to go to bed because of that?


We made eggs for the third Friday in a row tonight.  My picture is kind of pathetic – I focused in on the eggs because I was texting my friend Steph to show her the ketchup.  She’s a ketchup fiend and I figured she’d be proud.  What happened instead?  She told me that even she doesn’t use that much.  What the heck?


With it I had 2 pieces of toast with Earth Balance and homemade jam.  I think we’ve finally almost finished Mat’s mom’s jam…that’s probably good because it’s been open a while but it’s also sad because her jam is AMAZING and she only makes it once a year.


We’ve been resisting these babies for nearly 2 weeks now:

Trader Joe’s chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches.  Mat got them for free after work 2 weeks ago on Sunday because it was someone’s last day and everyone got to pick a dessert.  We didn’t complain!  In fact, I’m amazed that they stayed in the freezer as long as they did – there’s only 4 in the box!

Another 4 am shift for Mat + early 10 mile run for me = early bedtime for both of us.  Good night!



Author: Melissa

Getting healthy - mind, body, and soul.

2 thoughts on “Something New

  1. Why were you resisting those puppies??

    PS that is a frickin’ lot of ketchup. How can you even taste the eggs? lol Bon Appetit!

    • We had been eating a lot of dessert at the time and needed to cut back. We want abs like Olympians! 🙂

      Yes, it’s a lot of ketchup. But there was a decent amount of eggs too. I love ketchup but don’t eat it often because I don’t eat fries or anything like that. Eggs is pretty much the only time.

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