Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

Food, Ballet, More Food, and Cereal

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I’m guessing the title of this post sounds odd.  In all honesty, I can’t think of anything more creative tonight.  🙂

The first food was lunch.  I had basically the same thing as yesterday, only instead of a banana I sliced up an apple, and instead of semi-sweet chocolate chips like I usually use I used bittersweet ones.  The reason for this?  I was in the process of making quinoa balls (recipe to come) to take to Vegas next week and needed chocolate chips for them.  We’re almost out of semi-sweet and I needed a full cup, and I found the bittersweet ones in the cupboard from forever ago.  I’ve been intending to use them for ganache on a cake, but clearly that isn’t happening anytime soon.



The quinoa balls, as a teaser.  🙂


I then went to ballet and didn’t get my butt kicked quite as hard.  This is either because it was my third class back or because they had actually turned the air on.  Or both.  Either way it wasn’t quite as bad.  I’ve also been much better for the last week at stretching and working on getting my extension back, so I’m hoping I see results from that soon.


Tonight we finished off the last of the pesto pasta but added a couple of salmon patties to it since we had already eaten all the shrimp out.  This was a perfect way to make sure there was protein in the meal while finishing off leftovers.


Since we’re leaving on Sunday for one last summer vacation in Vegas, we’re trying to eat up the leftovers or things that will spoil.

We had a salad tossed with some shredded cheese and ranch with the leftover pasta:


In other news, I just received samples of three different types of cereal from Attune Foods.  I’m planning to review them on the blog after our Vegas vacation, so stay tuned!


And last but definitely not least, Mat and just each bought a month’s worth of unlimited CrossFit classes through LivingSocial/Amazon.  A friend of mine from college and fellow teacher shared it with me via Facebook this morning because I’d been talking about trying it.  We’ll probably wait until after the Long Beach Half Marathon on October 7th to use it, but I’m excited!  Scared, but excited.  🙂  Once we start going, I will definitely be posting about it.  🙂

Mat has another early morning, so we’ll be off to bed soon.  Good night!


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