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School Shopping

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When I was a kid, I love school shopping.  My mom always took my sister and I to Nordstrom during the anniversary sale and would buy us new shoes and clothes.  I also loved buying school supplies – new notebooks, binders, backpacks, lunch boxes – you name it, I loved it.  I still love buying anything supply-like.

So today, after going to get a new work ID badge with my new last name, I decided to head to WalMart since I was already out.  It wasn’t terribly convenient – there’s no WalMart in Irvine at all (I honestly think the city doesn’t allow it) so I had to drive even further in Santa Ana than just the district office.  But it was worth it for all the stuff I got.

  • 5 packages with 3 gluesticks each
  • 6 boxes with 24 crayons each
  • 10 boxes with 10 markers each
  • 7 boxes with 12 colored pencils each
  • 4 wite-out tapes
  • colored pens for grading
  • box of regular pencils
  • hand sanitizer (because kids are germs)
  • 3 storage boxes for all this stuff

I also got witch hazel and rubbing alcohol (not pictured) because we were out.

Guess how much I paid for all this stuff.  No really, guess.


I’m not kidding.  This is why I love WalMart sometimes.  The markers were only 50 cents a box, the crayons and glue 25 cents, the colored pencils $1 each.  The wite-out was about $5, my pens were about $3, the box of pencils $1, hand sanitizer less than $2, and the storage boxes were $1 each.

It’s awesome.

When I got home, I was already hungry for lunch.  I had a banana and a sandwich thin with peanut butter and chocolate chips.  I also may or may not have nibbled on several chocolate chips and some extra peanut butter while making it.  I was literally a little shaky so I definitely needed FOOD.

Mmm.  I’ve missed this combo lately.  Am I gluttonous with chocolate chips?  Yep.

Off to read and maybe work on some school stuff before dropping my sister off at the OC Fair.  Key word is maybe.  🙂


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