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OC Fair Drop-off

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Earlier today, my sister asked me to do her a favor.  She was going to a concert at the OC Fair tonight and needed a ride because the other girls were going earlier when she wasn’t able to.  Like a good big sister, I said sure.  🙂

It was easy getting to her apartment.  It was easy getting to the fair.  It was not easy getting off the freeway and trying to turn onto the street of the fair.  Then we ended up getting funneled into the parking line.  Since I wasn’t parking, I drove down a section you probably weren’t supposed to drive down and asked if I could just drop her off and pull out and leave.  Fortunately, they said sure.

When I got home, Mat had already made salad to go with last night’s leftovers.  He has to work at 3:30 am tomorrow so we needed to eat as soon as possible.

Salad with Italian dressing and parmesan cheese:


Leftover pasta:




I love honeydew.  Seriously.  I dew.  (Oh dear, I’m such a weirdo sometimes).

In other news, I’m REALLY into this blog designer.  It’s pricey, but I would love to have them redesign the blog.  We’ll see how things go – maybe I can save up some extra money in the next couple months.

Mat is supposed to be going to bed, yet he watched the last few minutes of Destination Truth.  Now he’s stuck on Toddlers and Tiaras.  The show I imagine he wonders why I watch.

But this one is about that honey boo boo girl and etiquette lessons.  Enough said.

I think tonight may be an early-ish night.  I want a nice long time to read, if anything.



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