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Synchronized Swimming

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Synchronized swimming is fascinating.  I will admit that I’m not as interested in it as an adult than I was as a kid, but I also didn’t obsessively watch it then either (quite frankly, I don’t even know when it’s on, if ever).

I think when I was younger it was one of the closest things to ballet in the Olympics, and therefore I liked it.  I feel like my parents thought it wasn’t really a “sport” and that it was kind of silly.  But, I could be wrong – I was a kid!

As I was blogging this morning and had the Olympics on in the background (obviously), synchronized swimming came on.  It’s really interesting to watch.  I have to say it’s a little creepy at times because they have such stark makeup and huge grins (and those things to plug their noses), but it’s amazing what they can do in the water.  They time everything to the music so perfectly, and when they show the underwater camera you can see how they rotate and stop perfectly on time.  HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??

It’s like ballet, gymnastics, and swimming all rolled into one.  And, just like ballet, they can’t show pain on their faces.  There’s truly an artistic aspect to it that you don’t often see in the summer Olympics.

Sadly, the US does not dominate in this sport like they do in so many others.  Instead, Russia and China dominate.  No surprise there though!  🙂


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