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School Will Soon Be Starting

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Sadly, school is going to start all too soon.  My first day back to work is August 16th.  We’ll be in Vegas the 12th-15th though, so I’m hoping that will help distract me.

Suffice it to say that I’m not ready to go back.  A year ago, I was looking ahead to this summer with wonderful anticipation (I mean, DUH, right?  I was getting married!).  It was going to be the best.  summer.  ever.

Suddenly it’s almost gone.  What the heck?

My mission this week is to re-evaluate how I run my classes and figure out what I can do differently and better.  I also want to get my syllabus and other first day things ready to print and copy.  I can’t finalize them until I know my exact teaching assignment, but I can at least get the basics done.

I also need to think more about how to run dance production.  I want to do it similar to how it’s been done in the past, but I also will probably want to make some changes.  Hmmm…

In general, I’m just trying to psyche myself up to start a school year.  The beginning of a year is always challenging and a week feels like a month.  No joke.  Last year, September alone felt like it was three months.  I sure hope that isn’t the case again.

*jumps up and down excitedly* <~~~ that’s me getting myself pumped to start a new school year  😛


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One thought on “School Will Soon Be Starting

  1. Your year will a go a LOT more smoothly this time, I bet! My guess is that August/September will feel like maybe 9 weeks. lol 🙂

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