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New Pillows!

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After we got home from church today, I was pretty hungry.  I had one of my usuals: a small bowl jam-packed with cereal.  And coffee.  Iced.


Mmmm…I love cereal.  🙂

Yesterday, we had a notice in our mailbox of a package waiting in the leasing office.  However, we had gotten home too late to go pick it up, so we went this morning after church.  It was a set of two pillows that a girl named Allison who Mat has played online games with made for us as a wedding gift.  It was super sweet of her and match our bed perfectly.


I love how personalized our bedding is.  The quilt and pillowcases were made by Mat’s mom from fabric we picked out together.  The M & M” pillows were a wedding gift from Mat’s aunt (his mom’s sister) and they match perfectly.  Now we’ve added the crocheted pillows to it.  Our bedding is finally complete!

If you want to see more of Allison’s pillow designs, check out her Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/okihirodesigns

In about an hour I’m leaving to celebrate a dear friend’s 30th birthday.  I’m so excited to hang out with the girls!


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