Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

Healthy Dessert

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Dinner was strange tonight.  Since I had eaten such a late lunch and since mat wanted to get to bed super early because of having to work at 3 am tomorrow, I ended up just eating a salmon patty while he had his usual 2 salmon patties and a salad.  Originally I wasn’t going to eat at the same time as him because it was barely 6:00, but then I figured why not.

I also figured that then I could eat dessert later.  🙂

And that is exactly what I did:


It totally looks like an ice cream sundae with strawberries.  But it’s actually that fantastic nonfat Greek vanilla yogurt I wrote about the other day topped with strawberries, chocolate chips, and chocolate syrup.

I swear, I consume way too much chocolate syrup and chocolate ships.  Especially in the summer.

In other news, my new driver’s license with my new name came today.  Even though I had already gotten my social security card, debit card, major credit cards, and checks with the new name, seeing my actual ID made it even more real.  It’s fun!  this means I can finally go to the district office to get my name and email address changed at work and I can go to AAA and change everything on my car.  And then I think it’s pretty much done!

On another note, I have So You Think You Can Dance on in the background at the moment.  I used to watch this show religiously and even had thoughts of trying out for it.  Sometimes I wish it was easier to just go out and do random stuff like that.

At least tomorrow is ballet day.  🙂


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