Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

Lazy Sunday. Ish.

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Today has sort of been a lazy Sunday.  After begin up rather late last night after Mat’s belated birthday dinner with his parents, sister, and brother-in-law, we slept in this morning.  Plus, church at home was at 10 am today (later than usual) which is hard for him with having to work in the afternoon.  He also has homework to finish, so we figured we had to skip this morning.  I’m not exactly a fan of skipping, but if it had been at 9:15 and we hadn’t been out/up late, we would have gone.

After an easy breakfast of cereal, we ran to Costco to feed Mat’s car and pick up a few things (cottage cheese, Fage yogurt, cereal, and coffee beans).  Our Costco membership is new (before we were using mine which was under my parents, but it expired right as we were getting married so now we have our own) and the people there like to provide “help” because you’re.  Even after nicely explaining that we in fact aren’t new, just our membership is new, they keep talking and trying to convince you to get the executive membership and blah, blah.  Um, thank you, but today we’re really just interested in getting our cottage cheese, yogurt, cereal, and coffee, and filling up the car.  Oh well.  It’s their job, right?

On the agenda for today: The Olympics will stay on in the background all day, of course.  Mat works at 3 and is doing homework right now.  I need to get some more thank you notes done.  And I want to do some more blogging research.  I really want to get a custom domain registered, make the blog look more fun, and get some ads on it.  It’s a little scary though, which is part of why I haven’t done.  Also because we were sort of busy for about 3 weeks and only now am I finally feeling settled again (and a large part of that is due to my change in outlook).

Happy Sunday!


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