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8 Miles and Cleaning

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This morning I accomplished 8 miles.  This is the farthest distance I’ve done since before our wedding.  I’m happy to say that it was successful.  The sun was already out when I got up at 7, which was annoying, but I knew I was going to run anyway and just deal with it.  It’s not that I hate the sun, in fact I LOVE the sun, but running it the sun makes you much more tired much faster.

Fortunately, portions of my route were shaded so I got a break every now and then.  I also dumped some water on my head a couple of times.  It really is amazing how much that helps.

When I got back, after my shower, I started organizing and cleaning.  The moving clutter has since morphed into bridal shower/wedding clutter and has been driving me nuts.  Also, my mom has been slowly giving me bags of stuff from my room that I never took when I moved.  Since I have no idea what to do with it (2 reasons: limited space in the apartment and not really needing/wanting it) it’s sat there.  Today I forced myself to go through it.  That led into cleaning up other random clutter that’s been building up.  I’m still not satisfied with where everything got put away, but I really don’t know what else to do.

We need a house.  Plain and simple.  Luckily our down payment money is accessible in December (it’s a special account with a special interest rate and you can’t withdraw without penalty for a 2.5 years from when you open it) and we’re planning to start looking this fall. I’ve already browsed online quite a bit, and there are lots of options out there.  When they say now is the time to buy, they aren’t kidding!  There’s pretty big houses in nice areas for VERY reasonably prices (well, reasonably for Orange County).

Back to the cleaning.  A lot of stuff is now put away, the kitchen is clean including the stove (I took that bad boy apart and REALLY cleaned), and the living room is dusted.  When Mat is up from his nap, the bedroom can get dusted and the whole place vacuumed.  Ah, I can’t wait for EVERYTHING to be clean.  I love living in a clean place!  (Side note: I really do not understand those hoarders you see on TLC.  I mean, I know it’s an actual mental disease of some sort, but HOW DO YOU LIVE IN SUCH FILTH??  Just having too much dust or a little bit of clutter drives me crazy.)


Because I was on such a cleaning spree, I never got around to eating anything post-run until almost noon.  I guess it was a combined breakfast/lunch.  I hadn’t had a pb&j in a long time, so I went with that, with a banana and a plum on the side.

sometimes a classic pb&j is just amazing

Now, I’m considering giving myself a home pedicure.  🙂




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