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When we got back from Fiji, I wrote a lengthy review of the resort and posted it on Yahoo and TripAdvisor.  I also wrote to Groupon’s customer support telling them about our experience in the hope that it would somehow prevent other people from also going to that resort.

I heard back from Groupon pretty quickly.  They said they were going to contact the resort.  It took several days to hear back, but when I did hear back from Groupon, they essentially reported that the resort had denied any claims of food poisoning and said that we could have gotten it from food and water in town.  They told Groupon that I had not been feeling well when we got there but there were no claims of food poisoning.

I was mad.  The resort KNEW that we had food poisoning – we had told at least 4 staff members personally about it.  And, another staff member who we hadn’t told somehow found out and asked on our last day how we were feeling.

The resort also gave Groupon the run-around about our room just like they did to us.

I wrote back to Groupon, again a lengthy one, clarifying everything.  I said that yes, I wasn’t feeling well when we got there on July 5th but that it was a urinary tract infection (I’ve lost all modesty about what type of infection I had) and that I was treated with amoxicillin by a doctor in town and felt better after a day or so.   The food poisoning happened on July 12th.  I told Groupon that we knew of several other people who were sick, and that in fact 2 of those people had been told by the resort that no one else was sick.  Basically, the resort knew that a lot of people were sick yet was denying everything.  I told them that it was very upsetting to heart that the resort had said these things.

This was yesterday.  This morning I decided to glance at my email while I took my walk.  I had already gotten another reply from Groupon.  They thanked me for the information and said that they had been able to get us a refund of $1298 and had cancelled one of the two Groupons we bought.

I.  Was.  Thrilled.  $1298 is a huge jump start on saving for our Hawaii trip next year.

I also have to say, I think VERY highly of Groupon right now.  A refund was certainly something we’d thought about but we weren’t holding our breath on it.  All we really wanted was to make them aware of how terrible the experience was so that other people don’t have to go through the same things we did.

But I’m not stupid.  I’ll take the refund.  🙂


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One thought on “Refund!

  1. Good for you! And for Groupon! By the way, after I read about your honeymoon I went on Hotels.com and looked at reviews for the resort. There were only about six bad (1 star) reviews and for each of those reviews the resort had commented and countered whatever the reviewer was saying. One woman posted terrible photos of the resort and the resort said that this woman clearly went out of her way to make the resort look bad. That resort has a lot of nerve! I’m so happy you got your refund back.

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