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Overcoming the ballet body image.

Lunch and Dinner and Olympics

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I’m boring.  I had the same lunch as yesterday: cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, granola, strawberries, and a peach (ok, so yesterday was a plum…whatever).


For dinner we kept it simple with scrambled eggs mixed with Trader Joe’s soy chorizo and a ton of veggies.  With it I had 2 pieces of toast with Earth Balance and Mat’s mom’s homemade jam (we tried to eat it slow, and being gone for a while certainly helped!).

naturally, i had ketchup and hot sauce on my eggs

For dessert we had this:

With chocolate chips and chocolate syrup, of course.  🙂

We ate all of this while watching the opening ceremony.  Mat has to work at 3:30 am tomorrow, so he already went to bed.  I’m watching a little more of it and will probably watch the rest with him tomorrow since I’m getting up to run.  Honestly, what would we do without DVR?

Speaking of running, tomorrow is an 8-miler, the longest run I will have done since before our wedding.  I’m excited for it – I’m itching for a long run!

And now, time to watch a little more and then get some sleep!


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