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Hanging Out With Mommy

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I spent the morning hanging out with my mommy.  She had a doctor’s appointment and asked if I could come along.  It meant I had to get my butt out of bed super early to get my 5 mile run in, but in a way that was good because it was nice and cool.  After the appointment we had a late breakfast at Corner Bakery, her treat.  🙂

Besides the whole early morning doctor appointment annoying thing, it was all in all a good morning.  She also gave me the antique ring from my grandma that had been fixed and resized, a late wedding card that had come in the mail (complete with a Macy’s gift card!), and the last place setting that replaced one that had been broken when we opened it.

In other news, my new keychain came today!

i love michael kors stuff. especially because now it’s my initials!

I’m sooo excited about this!  It may seem silly, but I am.  It’s that whole obsession with designer things thing.

This afternoon I really should keep working on the thank you notes.  I got 22 done the other day but haven’t touched them since.  I think I’ll also be going back to ballet tonight.  Hopefully it’s not too painful or difficult!


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