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Disneyland Recap

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I managed to get one post up yesterday from my phone, but today I’ll fully recap our day at Disneyland.

We got the idea to go to Disneyland sometime around our wedding.  We originally wanted to go the day before we left for Fiji, but there ended up being too many errands to run that day.  Turns out it was a good thing we didn’t go because after the bad honeymoon we had something to look forward to.

Yeah, it was expensive to go for just a day, but we just can’t justify getting passes again.  We had them for 3 years before letting them expire last May, and now it’s just a rip off.  The premium passes, where you don’t have any blackout days, were $369 each 4 years ago when we first got them.  A bit pricey, but still something you could manage if you planned for it.  They went up every year, but not by enough to make a big difference.  Then this year they went up to $639.  Each.

I briefly debated the lower passes where you have a few blackout days, but on the more affordable passes they block all the Saturdays.  Those are the only days we can really go.  Weeknights just aren’t an option for us, especially during the school year.  So, while a pass would be fun, it’s just not worth it.  And after yesterday and remembering how crowded it can be, I can think of a lot better things we can spend our time and money on.  So, we’ll just go once a year or so if we feel like it.  It may cost a lot for a day, but it’s fun once and a while.

We started the day in California Adventure so we could get on the new Cars Land ride.  They changed a lot in California Adventure since we were there last year, including the entrance.

before, they had huge letters spelling “California” out front. people loved taking pictures on the letters

Some of the changes are excellent!

california adventure has Starbucks now!

they also have a Ghiradelli ice cream place!

We used the single rider entrance for the new Cars Land ride.  We didn’t get to sit together, but it was totally worth it because we avoided a LONG line.  When we got in line, the regular line wait time was 100 minutes.  The park had only been open for 15 minutes.

the new cars ride!

There were lots of new and random things in Cars Land:






the new flying tires ride


totally random

We also hit up Ariel’s Grotto.  This is a slow and sweet ride that opened last year right after our passes expired.

They have a “Mad T Party” in Ca Adv in the evening: 

the t party is complete with a white rabbit dj

tweedledum and tweedledee

We spent a good chunk of time in Disneyland, including seeing the fireworks.  We got some ice cream before they started.

i think we took this right before we ate our ice cream. clearly we were excited. 🙂

The best picture of the day?  This one:

appropriate, don’t you think?

This is going to go in the Disney “happily ever after” picture frame that we got from Steph as a wedding gift.  I’m excited!

It was a good day.  Totally exhausting, but good.  Hopefully we make it back sooner than a year from now!







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