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Our New Toy

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Yesterday, after my 5 mile run and posting about our rehearsal and wedding day, Mat and I went over to the mall to return a wedding gift and get him new running shoes at the New Balance store.  I’m a terrible running blogger because I totally could have taken pictures, but as usual, I fail.  However, my excuse here is that I’m just now starting to get my blogging rhythm back.  That’s a good excuse, right?

After getting Mat’s shoes (and by the way, the New Balance store is awesome), we went to the Apple store.  And we got a new toy.

Yep.  We treated ourselves to an iPad 3.  😀

What’s really cool is that Apple offers education deals to teachers and students.  Being a teacher means we got a $50 gift card to use on apps.  I’m thinking about getting a $20 app that I can use at school to control my computer screen from the iPad.  This means I can teach a lesson digitally while walking around the room.  It will help a lot in keeping my students’ attention.  And it will be fun!

It didn’t take long to personalize it a bit:

the lock screen

home screen 1

home screen 2

In the little bit we’ve played, we love it.  I’ve played with it more than Mat has, but that’s because he’s been trying to get homework done.  I went shopping for free in the iBook store and downloaded several classic novels.  I’m thinking of buying the latest Jodi Picoult book on it so I can read it when we go to Vegas in a few weeks while Mat reads on his Kindle.

On an unrelated note, I found this amusing on a friend’s Facebook wall:

it’s so true

Today’s agenda, now that it’s already 1:30 and we’ve gone to church and Costco: Mat goes to work at 3 and I’m hoping to crank out a bunch of wedding thank you notes.  And make a quiche, complete with homemade crust, for dinner.  Tomorrow’s agenda? DISNEYLAND!!!  And California Adventure of fourse.  😀


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