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The Rehearsal Dinner

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Our rehearsal took place  on Thursday, June 28th at 7 pm.  The rehearsal itself went smoothly.  Since we didn’t have any kids involved in our wedding, there wasn’t any chaos to deal with.  After about 45 minutes or so, we all headed over the Portofino Ristourante for dinner.  It’s an Italian place across the street from our old high school.

The one hitch of the night came when we go to the restaurant – the power had JUST gone out when we got there.  It came back on after about 20 minutes or so, but it did give us a late start on dinner.

The dinner was so nice.  The food was delicious, and the company was of course perfect.  A few pictures:

It was also a very emotional dinner.  Mat’s dad did a toast, my dad did a toast, and one of the groomsmen who is usually pretty soft-spoken got up and said a little something too.  I had vowed not to cry, but I ended up losing it.  I was hoping that it meant that I wouldn’t cry the next day.

Mat’s parents gave us a family Bible.  It was such a special gift.

We went home that night excited and nervous for the next day.  Our wedding had finally arrived!

I had trouble getting myself to bed that night.  So did my parents.  There was so much anticipation for this wedding we’d all been waiting for for over a year.  It was definitely weird saying bye to Mat and knowing that the next time we saw each other would be at the altar!

Wedding day post to come!!



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