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Our Wedding


Our wedding day was, simply put, the most amazing day ever.  I think the story is best told in pictures, so I’ll go heavy on that.

My mom and I took a 2 mile walk that morning.  The night before, I knew that I’d probably wake up early and not be able to sleep and that I’d need to do something to burn some nervous energy.  I wasn’t stupid enough to run on my wedding day, but I knew a nice walk, especially with my mom, would do the job.  It’s a good thing we did too, because I was the biggest ball of emotion and nerves ever.  It’s so hard to describe the emotions I had – I constantly wanted to cry, yet I wasn’t sad, but didn’t feel particularly happy for some reason.  I think it was just so overwhelming that my body and brain didn’t know to do.  The really weird thing was that earlier in the week I had been completely fine.  The emotion and nerves decided to hit me just the day or so before and then the morning of.  The walk helped though, and when we got back I felt much better and was ready to get the wedding day started!

My mom had an amazing breakfast spread set up for everyone while we got ready.

we had fruit, yogurt, granola, homemade chocolate chip banana bread, and coffee

The actual getting ready process was pretty relaxed, which was exactly what I wanted.

the sign later went to the church and hung on the bride’s room door

my mom was so excited about her flag!

oh steph

maid of honor getting made up

the seester making a face

getting pretty!

Suddenly it was time to go to the church and get married!

waiting in the bride’s room. do i look nervous?

walking down the aisle

bridal party watching me come in

saying our vows

first kiss!

mr. and mrs. mat and melissa kolbeck!

And then it was time to party!

the fountain outside the ballroom

my simple wine theme come to life

right after we made our entrance

our first dance. i love this shot.

so happy to be married!

our amazing cake

mother/son dance

father/daughter dance – i worked hard to not cry

the money dance

toasting during our cake cutting

fighting over my bouquet

it’s a sorority thing. this one was honestly one of my favorite parts of the reception. 🙂

mat getting his garter 😉

my seester

this was such an awesome surprise!

there are balloons in the car too 🙂

This is just a tiny snapshot of the day.  The rest of the pictures are on my personal Facebook account.  Feel free to find them!


Author: Melissa

Getting healthy - mind, body, and soul.

2 thoughts on “Our Wedding

  1. Everything looked wonderful !! I’m sorry your honeymoon was less than ideal though 😦 I started running with the South Coast Road Runners running club – you should come out sometime. My attendance hasnt been that good the past month so contact me before you come so I will make sure to be there. They run Mon and Thurs at 6:15 pm and Sat morn they do a long run that I havent been to yet.

  2. What a lovely wedding! You made a very beautiful bride!

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