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The Honeymoon

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The honeymoon post is going to come before the wedding post.  As I’ve mentioned in the last few days, the honeymoon was terrible.  I think the best way to sum it up is to copy/paste the review I wrote for a few travel websites.  You can find this on tripadvisor.com as well as Yahoo (I think).

My Koro Sun Resort Review:

My husband and I went to the Koro Sun Resort for our honeymoon July 5-15, 2012.  We went there expecting a luxurious experience complete with the pampering that one hopes for on a honeymoon in Fiji.  What we did experience was anything but luxurious.

First, a disclaimer: when we first got there, I was experiencing symptoms of an infection and had to find a doctor and get antibiotics.  This certainly put a damper on the beginning of the trip, but was by no means the resort’s fault.  Also, the weather was not ideal (windy and occasional bursts of rain), but this was also not the resort’s fault.  However, I mention these because while we try to separate these two things from the other negative parts of the trip, it’s entirely possible that it clouded our judgment a bit.

The first problem with the resort came with our room.  We had bought a Groupon for this resort which entitled us to either an Ocean View 2 bedroom bure or a Raintree 2 bedroom bure.  We picked the Ocean View bure, but when we got there we were put in a Raintree bure.  We spoke to the woman in charge of reservations several times over the course of the first 3 days we were there and kept being given the run-around as to why we weren’t in the correct room.  There was no apology, and in fact we were made to feel as though getting a good deal through Groupon was somehow our fault.  We finally gave up and stayed in the Raintree bure.

Throughout the trip, we often felt like the people at the resort didn’t like us.  We couldn’t figure out why.  We were nothing but polite, even when discussing the room issue.  There was also a general lack of activities, especially free activities.  Meals and service were agonizingly slow at times as well.  We met some other honeymooners at the resort, and found that they all felt the same way as us.  It was so depressing that we actually considered going home early after only about 4 days.  But, we figured we’d stick it out because after all, we were in Fiji.

The thing that ruined the trip the most for us happened on the 12th, only had a few days before we were leaving.  We got food poisoning.  Bad food poisoning.  At the risk of being graphic, we lost our breakfast and lunch that day, missed dinner, got very dehydrated and weak, and to top it off my husband had to walk down to the front to get water bottles, Sprite, and dry toast because there was no phone in the room to call.  We were completely out of it most of Friday, were able to eat somewhat (only cooked things) on Saturday, and Sunday were more thankful than ever to go home.  However, the whole experience gave me so much anxiety that I had a hard time eating in general.  I wasn’t able to eat an actual enjoyable meal until we got home on Sunday – I probably averaged 500 calories a day for 3-4 straight days.

As we recovered, we discovered that several other people had also gotten food poisoning.  One of the women we met who was also on her honeymoon got it on the plane when she left on the 12th too.

There were a few good things about Koro Sun: the waterfall excursion, snorkeling, Dobbs and Romanu who took you on these excursions, and some of the girls who worked in the restaurant and at the desk were very sweet and helpful.  But there was no apology for the food poisoning incident even though we told many of the employees what had happened.

When we landed in Los Angeles I had never been so excited and happy to see smog.  It was the honeymoon from hell – we will be going on a second honeymoon to Hawaii next year for our anniversary.


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