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Finally a Bit of Rest!

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You’d think I wouldn’t need anymore rest after the bad honeymoon (I know, I still owe a post on it), but since we spent Monday and Tuesday running errands, cleaning, and organizing, and then I spent 5 hours in the kitchen yesterday making Mat’s birthday dinner and cake/ice cream, finally having today to sit around for a bit was wonderful.  Mat went back to work today which meant I got to have a little bit of me time.  🙂

I started the day with a 3.5 mile walk.  Even though I’ve only run twice since we got back (I skipped Monday – no way was I going to try and run after all that traveling and being sick – details to come in the honeymoon post, don’t worry), I decided I should take my usual rest day today.  I decided to walk just to keep my sore muscles loosened up a bit.  I was definitely feeling the burn when I got out of bed this morning!

After my walk, I was able to just sit around for a bit, take my time getting ready, and savor my (rather large) bowl of cereal.  I called my mommy to chat for a bit, and then headed off to the dentist.  My cavity free streak continues!

I then went to the DMV to apply for my license in my new name.  I got to sign Melissa Kolbeck a few times which was totally weird and totally cool.  I can’t wait until the actual card comes in the mail!  They even punched a hole in my old license!

Tonight has been pretty relaxing too.  We had more lasagna (another post that I owe) and are soon going to enjoy Monday night’s episode of Bunheads that we DVRed along with some more Reese’s cake and homemade ice cream.

I’ve got to get my blogging rhythm back.  I was gone for too long!


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