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Boy Birthdays

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Like other posts lately, this was written in advance.  🙂


Today is an interesting day.  It’s both my dad and husband’s (ooh it’s fun typing that in advance of our wedding heehee) birthday.  Yes, the two men in my life have the same birthday.  It’s cool, but also rather annoying.  I mean seriously, what do you do with that?

It’s also the day that we’re on our way home from our Fiji honeymoon.  *sniff*

Mat didn’t care that we were flying home on his birthday, and of course I made sure to check with my dad too.  Luckily, no one minded at all.  The funny thing is that we’re leaving Fiji late in the day and arriving at LAX earlier on that same day than when we left.  Aren’t time changes great?

But, it means Mat gets an extra long birthday!

I’ll be back to writing regular posts soon, including recaps of all things wedding!


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