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I Want Prada

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We’re currently loving the sand and water and rainforest of Fiji.  This post was written in advance.  Yay for planning ahead!

A few weeks ago, I bought a new Michael Kors purse for our wedding.  That started my “new” obsession with designer things.  Since then, I’ve found myself browsing for all sorts of handbags: Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, even Prada and Louis Vuitton.


I found this Prada bag on Prada’s website and nearly swooned:

Naturally, it’s ONLY $1520.  I mean, I could totally buy that right now.  Right?

Oh, if only.

I also love this bag from the Michael Kors website (the picture didn’t save well).

Oh and I love the rose gold watches.

I decided that one day, I WILL own a Prada handbag.  Or something equally fabulous.  I figure that if you save your pennies and use birthday money, there’s no shame in splurging on something like Prada for yourself.  It’s not like I’d go out and buy something on a whim that would cost more than a month’s rent after tax.

Yikes, when you put it like that it sounds terrible.

When did I become that girl who wants Prada?

Maybe it was when I started rereading all the Shopaholic books.


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