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She Ordered What?!?

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Kerri is a former coworker of mine and recently started her own blog at www.sheorderedwhat.com.  I’ve asked her to share a little bit about how her blog got started while Mat and I are off enjoying a glorious honeymoon!
The concept of “She Ordered What?!?” is simple.  I’ve always loved food.  Not in the way that I consider myself a gourmet cook, or even a true connoisseur of food – I just like to eat!  And, I’m really not very picky.  I am, however, quite indecisive.  I become easily overwhelmed when perusing menus, so quite some time ago, I started just asking servers to choose their best recommendations and surprise me.
Sometimes I literally let the server choose anything s/he would like (see a photo of the card I hand over), and other times, I’ll find myself paralyzed by a choice amongst a few different dishes.  I’ve found that servers are generally open to choosing, and often are excited to do so.  I’ve also found that they don’t always choose the most expensive items.  Instead, they really take time to choose their favorite items.
Anyhow, after a few road trips earlier this year, and “She Ordered What?!?” dining experiences with coworkers, I started to take notice of the intrigue my dinner companions were showing.  Some were fascinated at my “adventuresome nature”, others were nervous for me (what if I didn’t like my meal!!!), but all were talking about it.  That’s when I decided I would start to write about my experiences – the good, the bad, and the ugly (I actually haven’t had an “ugly” experience yet).
I thought a couple of friends might read a post or two, but I never expected the responses that I’ve gotten!  People are commenting and tweeting me that they’ve tried the “surprise me” method of ordering – with varying degrees of success.  One of my favorite stories is from a friend of mine, Jerod, who was the first person to guest post on the blog. His is a truly delightful story, in my opinion!  Others have since guest posted as well.  It’s become this small little movement amongst the folks in my social and real-life networks!
If you’re so inclined, I encourage you to turn your order over to your server when you’re out to dinner sometime.  Hopefully, you’ll find the experience as fun and delicious as I’ve found most of mine to be! And, if you’re also inclined, please feel free to contact me to write a guest post about your experience!  I’d love to highlight stories from more adventurous (or indecisive, as the case may be!) diners.

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