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Today We Leave!

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Tonight we are leaving for our honeymoon to beautiful Fiji.  We’ll be staying for 10 nights at an all-inclusive resort (well, fancy drinks aren’t included, but that’s ok).  We got a Groupon deal for this resort and the Groupon included breakfast in bed, a private wine dinner in the rainforest, and a couples massage.  We bought 2 Groupons to make the trop 10 nights, so we’re getting 2 of each of those things.  🙂

Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

The not so awesome part (yeah I know, you’d think there couldn’t possibly be something “not awesome” on your honeymoon) is that we have a LONG layover in Fiji’s international airport before we take our little island hopper plane to our resort’s island.  We leave tonight from LAX at 11:30, land in Fiji at 5:10 am on Thursday, and don’t leave again until 2:30 that afternoon.  That’s not how we scheduled it, but there were 2 flight changes since then.  Boo.  Oh well though.  At least we’ll be together and will get there eventually, right?

Coming home we have a similar situation but the layover isn’t as long, thank goodness.  But let’s not think about coming home yet.  We’re only just leaving!

Pray for safe travels!


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