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If I Teach Dance

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Today, we’re enjoying our newlywed status, opening our wedding gifts, and are getting ready to go on our honeymoon!  But don’t think I’m writing this today – I wrote it over a week ago.  Oh the joys of scheduling posts!


I’m quite possibly going to be teaching dance production next year.  I don’t know for sure yet, and I’m not sure yet when I’ll know, but I’m planning for it to happen because that’s way better than not planning.

After helping out with the tryouts for dance production a few weeks ago, I had a better idea of what I’d be getting myself into.  I think the first order of business this summer (after the honeymoon!) will be to get myself into a few jazz, lyrical, hip hop, and contemporary classes.  Since my background is totally ballet, I need to educated myself on other forms of dance particularly the kinds that the students want.

However, I heard from a few girls that they really liked the combination I gave them during tryouts.  I think they were able to recognize that it was “real” dance and was technical.  It was rather exhausting having to show the combination so many times, but it was amazing to see how hard the girls were working to get it.

I’m hoping that, assuming I get to teach dance next year, the girls will work hard at whatever I teach them.  I also hope that I have the patience to deal with whatever challenges come my way, whether it’s being frustrated that they can’t get it, being frustrated that I can’t explain it, or being frustrated at myself for not giving them enough styles of dance.

Has anyone ever taught dance in a school setting?  Any advice?


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