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Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

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Back in October, we went bridesmaid dress shopping.  At the time, I hadn’t started this blog.  I had my other blog, but I didn’t write in it very much.  As a result, I only have one good picture from the day.

I had picked out a style that I really liked from David’s Bridal.  I had toyed originally between the girls wearing yellow or gray and decided on yellow since our wedding was set for the summer.  I wanted something bright and cheery and fun.  I had thought at first that they wouldn’t want to wear yellow and I really wanted everyone to be comfortable, but as it turned out the yellow worked well.

When we went to try them on, I couldn’t believe how fast it was.  We had an appointment and were in and out in literally 10 minutes.  Ok not out, but the fitting part was done within 10 minutes.  Everyone seemed happy and the price was right, so it was a great experience!  You hear (or see on TV) horror stories of miserable bridesmaid dress shopping experiences, but mine was totally painless.  I think I just lucked out that the girls all like the dress I had picked.

my bridesmaids: my sis-in-law Nicole, sister and MOH Amanda, ballet friend Mindy, and high school friend Steph

Obviously those are not yellow.  They didn’t have a yellow dress in any of their sizes to try, but it wasn’t a big deal.  (After the dresses came in and I saw the yellow on my sister, I totally loved it).

What was your bridesmaid dress shopping experience like?



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