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The Last Day Before the Festivities

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I’m a bad blogger today.  Though in my defense, I did mention yesterday that my posts would be much fewer in the new couple weeks.

Today I did a 3 mile run, took my time getting ready (partly because I was chatting a lot with my mom), and basically just relaxed.  I read quite a bit of my book, browsed on Pinterest, and also went up to the fabric store to get something to fix my bathing suit top that had broken.

Then, later this afternoon, my mom and my aunt and I went to visit my grandma (their mom).  She’s been in a nursing home for several years now and just last week went into the hospital for the second time in a month.  She keeps getting infections that require intense rounds of antibiotics to treat.  It was terrible timing for my mom, but grandma is now back in the home, still on IV antibiotics, and hopefully nothing bad happens from now until our wedding is over.  Fortunately, my aunt is being awesome and is going to deal with any grandma things that come up between now and Monday so my mom can relax and enjoy.

One of the main reasons for going to visit her was my aunt wanted her to give me her wedding present.  Many years ago, my grandma had told me that one day she was going to give me her opal ring.  We both have October birthdays and she has always wanted me to have that ring.  A few months ago, my aunt and her talked and decided to give me the ring as a wedding gift.  That’s what happened tonight.  It sounds like it’s a nice thing, and it is, but with how much grandma’s health has declined recently, it was really hard on me.  She only sometimes recognizes me, and can’t communicate in full sentences anymore.  My mom said that today she was the most vocal and lucid she’s been since getting these recent infections.

When we got home, I lost it.  I cried.  Mom cried.  We cried.  We know what’s going to happen eventually, but we don’t know when.  Mom is glad I got to see her today and that she was a little more alert than usual.  I’m glad too, but I didn’t know it was going to be so hard.

I suppose there’s also just too many emotions going around in my head right now.  I feel better now that a few hours have passed, but I’m looking forward to reading some more and then attempting to get some sleep.  Busy day tomorrow!  Early 5 mile run, going with my mom-in-law to the airport to pick up her brother, lunch with both of them and Mat and sis-in-law Nicole (Mat finally comes home to his parent’s house tomorrow!!), taking my ring to get cleaned (and grandma’s opal to get sized and cleaned), and then our nail party tomorrow night!

It was a pretty emotional afternoon, but my wedding festivities start tomorrow!  It’s finally here!


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