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Overcoming the ballet body image.

Home for Wedding Week!!

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After church this morning, I went home to my parent’s house.  I spent some time when I first got home reorganizing all the wedding stuff.

ready to go to the church and the summit house on thursday

more stuff, including my suitcase AND duffel bag so i can function this week (run, go to ballet at my home studio, and go to our nail party and rehearsal dinner!)

the last few things

When I first got home, I saw the gift table my mom set up in the living room:

Presents are exciting!!!!  One of those boxes is actually empty with a hole cut in the top so that if guests bring cards they have a place to go that’s more secure than just a basket or sitting on the table.

My mom also bought this and hung it:

we had a totally lorelai and rory moment of giggling when she showed it to me

I finally stopped to eat lunch? Late breakfast?  I’m not sure what it was.  I had a pb&j with a banana and nutella on the side:

Later on, I took the 2 mile walk that I used to take a long time ago.  When I got back I was greeted by buddy cat!

buddy cat!!

Buddy cat is not his name.  Mat and I dubbed him that because he always came up to us after a walk or jumped in the car when Mat would leave for the night.  Generally speaking I’m not a fan of cats, but I’ve missed him!

Another fun thing I came home to: my dad put a hook in the wall to hang my dress from on Thursday after it’s steamed, and he also cleaned the walls and vacuumed so my dress won’t get dirty.

my daddy rocks!

Dinner was turkey tenderloin (yes, I ate turkey.  I can’t really avoid chicken and turkey while at home, and honestly I’ve been craving it anyway), salad, and grilled squash.  My mom and I split the last of the port wine so I can take the bottle to the florist tomorrow with the rest of the bottles, and I had a couple of squares of dark chocolate with it.  Delish!

It’s wedding week!  Tomorrow: 5 mile run, get all the wine bottles to the florist, hang out, and ballet at my home studio!  And then possibly hanging out with my bff and bridesmaid Steph at her new apartment!

Countdown: 4 days!!!!




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