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A Wedding Dress and a Giant Bowl of Yogurtland

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Trust me, these are related.

Remember that time I had a huge bowl of Yogurtland, in which you couldn’t see the yogurt underneath all the toppings?  I did that again tonight.

That last time you couldn’t see the yogurt was just over a week ago, on June 14th, the last day of school and my second to last day of work.  It was celebratory for sure.  Tonight’s edition of you can’t see the yogurt under there was purely because we wanted it.

The funny thing is, I’m putting on my wedding dress in 5 days.  You would think that, as a bride, I wouldn’t want to eat anything bad for me or that would make me feel fat and stuff.

I guess I’m a weird bride.  Because I ate that Yogurtland (well I left a little  – got too full after the pasta we had for dinner LOL) and enjoyed every bite.  I kinda felt guilty at first but then it went away.  Thank goodness because it was way too delicious to feel fat about.

You gotta keep on living even though you’re about to put on a wedding dress.  It’s taken me a few months to finally figure that out.  But I figure that if I was going to eat Yogurtland on a random Saturday anyway (especially one in which I ran 14 miles) how is today any different?

A year ago I would have told you that I wasn’t going to be that bride who went on a crazy wedding diet because I was (finally) happy with my body.  A lot of the issues I had from ballet were slowly going away, and running had made me a much more confident person.  But then we hit about 4 months until our wedding and I started to freak out because the mere concept of being a bride made me think I was supposed to act a certain way.

Well, it may have taken until a few weeks before our wedding to figure this out, but SCREW THAT.  I’m me.  And as long as I don’t drastically change something I’ve been doing for the past year, I’ll be just fine.


Author: Melissa

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