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The Rest of the Day

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I ran out to do one last quick wedding related errand and deposit a check.  In the process I grabbed a mocha cookie crumble frappuccino (light, which means no whipped cream, and sugar free mocha and vanilla syrups).  I actually love getting whipped cream on this one because it’s chocolate whipped cream, but until our wedding is behind us I’m really trying to be careful about the little extras (yeah, I know, it probably wouldn’t matter but I’m paranoid).  For lunch I finished yesterday’s salad leftovers and had a sandwich thin with peanut butter and chocolate chips.  This was when Mat first got home from work and I was all excited because I’d been alone all day so I failed at taking a picture.  (I fail at that a lot).

Dinner was scrambled eggs and toast (with my mom -in-law’s homemade jam!!!) with cantaloupe on the side.

my plate – eggs with red onion, broccoli, peppers, and spinach. i added ketchup (naturally) and hot sauce

huge bowl of cantaloupe. we saved some for later. 🙂

Other than reading, watching mindless television, and doing a great deal of indoor cycling, it was a pretty uneventful day.  Just how I want to be spending the beginning of summer vacation and the last bit of time until our wedding.  🙂

Countdown: 7 days to go!!!


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