Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

8 Days to Go!

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I woke up this morning in a glorious state of bliss.  It’s my non-running day, and it’s the first non-running day of summer vacation.  This means that I was able to wake up when my body wanted to (it was still 7:30 – what can I say, my body is trained to wake up now.  But I go to bed at a decent hour so I don’t mind).  I laid in bed for a bit just relishing in the face that I didn’t HAVE to get up to run or go to work or whatever.  Then I switched on the light and read my book for a while (I’ve been rereading the Shopaholic books – right now I’m in “Shopaholic and Sister.”  I love these books.  They’re totally silly but they’re great for when you want something easy and fun that doesn’t require much brainpower).

Then I decided I wanted to eat (big surprise right).  So I got myself my iced coffee in the froggy mug and cereal.  I munched a lot on cereal while I poured (bad, bad habit) and as usual overflowed my small bowl with three different kinds of cereal.  (I have to use multiple kinds of cereal.  It’s a thing.  Don’t ask).  This is why I use a small bowl.  If I use a regular size bowl I know I’ll overflow that one too.  At least overflowing a small bowl equals out to a normal bowl.  Right?


i took this photo from such an angle that you can’t tell how much i overflowed it

Now I’m just sitting here enjoying blogging, trying to get started on posts that will go up while we’re in Fiji, and contemplating taking a shower so I can run an errand.  But I feel lazy.  You’d think I’d have my fill of lazy after yesterday’s lazy day.  But I guess not.  Plus my calves are sore from ballet last night.  Taking last week off is probably the culprit.  Oh well.

Since this post is already totally random, here’s a little sneak peek of a bachelorette weekend picture:

my (almost) sis-in-law and I in the back of the bus during our wine tour. we’d had a lot of wine by this point…

I need to learn to do eye makeup like her.  I think I’ll ask for lessons.  Seriously.  I’m not kidding.


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