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Overcoming the ballet body image.

Afternoon Update

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I updated the wedding page!  Go check it out!

This afternoon we met with our pastor and went to a music rehearsal for our ceremony music (see the wedding page).  For dinner we had leftovers of yesterday’s pasta salad along with melon and whole wheat bread from La Brea Bakery (actually Costco but that’s a technicality).  I ate a lot.  I’m not sure why.  I worked out less today than yesterday, and I wasn’t super starving, but it was just all so good.  And I honestly feel sometimes that when I’m finally not stressed out, I can eat more and not gain weight because the evil cortisol isn’t racing around my body.

At least I like to tell myself that.

I am in such a relaxed mood about the wedding.  Most brides with 9 days to go would probably be panicking, but I’m not.  Everything is set.  I have a couple of phone calls to make tomorrow but nothing earth shattering (and being done with work helps because I actually have time to make such phone calls).

It’s a wonderful place to be.  I can truly enjoy this time leading up to it and be excited about all the work I’ve put into it.  It’s good stuff!

Countdown: 9 days until our wedding!


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