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2nd Day of Summer

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The 2nd day of summer has been just as nice as the first, except there will be no pool time today.  I got up at 7:30 and went for my usual Tuesday 3.5 mile run.  Thankfully it wasn’t as bad as yesterday –  my body seems to be recovering from the weekend’s shenanigans.  🙂  When I got back, I showered, did a couple little chores, and then had my usual cottage cheese breakfast.  I just can’t eat immediately after a run, no matter how short it is.  I need to get cleaned up and get some little annoying things out of the way first.  Plus, my stomach often can’t handle much more than water.  This is especially true after those long Saturday runs.

i have an addiction to this meal

As I ate, I browsed homes for sale for a bit and then when Mat got back from the gym we made a quick trip to Costco to get gas in Mat’s car as well as coffee beans, cottage cheese, and some really good whole grain bread to go with our leftovers tonight.

this is La Brea Bakery bread. it is soooo good!

I love that at Costco you can get 2 big loaves for only $5.  I’m planning to slice and freeze one loaf for later and have the other one with dinner the next couple of nights.  It’s so yummy too – the whole-grain one has a great nutty flavor that is perfect without toasting.  We also still have quite a bit of Mat’s mom’s homemade strawberry and blackberry/raspberry jams in the fridge that I’m sure we’ll use on it.

This afternoon we’re going to meet with our pastor to finalize the ceremony and then go to a music rehearsal for our ceremony music.  It’s almost here!

Countdown: 10 days until our wedding!!!


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