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I’m Developing an Obsession with Designer Things

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I’ve always enjoyed designer things like handbags and sunglasses, but I’ve never been obsessed with them.  My mom often carried a Dooney & Burke purse and when I was in high school or college, I can’t quite remember, I got a small one of my own.  For my 21st birthday I got a bigger one that I LOVED and used all the time until I bought myself a Michael Kors bag (on sale, actually) using birthday money right around Mat and I’s one year anniversary (3 years ago now) and I’ve been using that one ever since.

When I first starting working at my current school, I bought myself a pair of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses at a sunglasses outlet on the way back from Palm Springs with Steph and her family.  I love those sunglasses and I still wear them.

Then last weekend I bought myself a new white Michael Kors clutch for the wedding.  Also, for the last week or 2, I’ve been rereading the Shopaholic books by Sophie Kinsella.  I like these books because they’re an easy, fun read.  But, I think the main character’s shopaholic tendencies, particularly for designer things, have made me want to browse such items online.  Mainly handbags.

Since apparently I like to torture myself, I found myself on Prada’s website and saw this:


I’m drooling.  Literally.  But um, the price is *cough* a bit much.  Just saying.

Maybe one day.  If I save my “fun money” for about 10 years.  And never go to Starbucks again (yeah right) I can have a Prada handbag.  Or Gucci.  Or Dolce & Gabbana.  Or another Michael Kors (that one could actually happen fairly easily).  *sigh*

Why do I suddenly want these things?  Especially when I try NOT to spend money and we want to buy a house?  Then again, just because I want them certainly does not mean I’m going to randomly go out and buy them.  That would be stupid.  And thankfully, I’m not stupid.  I little obsessed at the moment, but not stupid.  🙂


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