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The Best Thing About Summer

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One of the reasons I chose to become a teacher, besides wanting to make a difference in a kid’s life, is that you get some sweet vacation time.  When you work, you work HARD (there’s a reason you get paid a yearly salary in 10 months, not 12), but who else can say they get a solid 2 months off in the summer, a week at Thanksgiving, 3 weeks at Christmas, a week in the spring, and a few other random holidays sprinkled in?

Now that school’s out, I’m starting to think about all the glorious things that I can do this summer.  After the wedding and honeymoon, of course.  🙂

I want to really develop this blog more.  I want to give it a custom domain, get some ads going, and make some money.  I want to be more known in the blog world.  I love reading other healthy living blogs, and I want to be a true part of that.  This summer, I think (hope) I’ll be able to make some headway with that.

I’m also looking forward to simply relaxing and recharging.  Next year will likely be just as challenging as this year has been, and I need to rest up so I’m ready.  I think that non-teachers think we have it easy, but I’ll guarantee you we do not.  We stand in front of kids all day, trying to get and keep their attention, and not only are we teaching them academics but also how to behave, how to be respectful of themselves and others, and trying to point them in the right direction for their lives.  It’s amazing how mentally draining it is.  But at the end of the day, you have those few kids who do something to thank you and it’s pretty awesome.

So how am I starting the summer?  With my bachelorette party!!  There will definitely be a post and pictures for that!


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