Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

And Summer Begins!

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I got home today around 12:30 after a lovely day at work that consisted of getting there at 8 and immediately turning in my grades.  I then went to my room and sat there for a few minutes before wandering back out to chat with other teachers.  Around 8:45 or so I went over to get my last checklist signature before turning in my keys and then went in to the library for the staff breakfast.

At the breakfast, some of the tables were decorated in fun themes.  I chose to sit at the Disney table, partly because I miss Disneyland (we let our passes expire last year and now they’re super expensive so who knows if/when we’ll get them again) and partly because the teacher who did the table decorations got two of these because she thought of me:

You know, since the wedding is in 2 weeks and all.  🙂

After the breakfast, which included saying goodbye to several teachers (one due to retirement, one due to displacement, and quite a few temporary teachers who aren’t coming back 😦 ), I sat in another teacher’s room and chatted.  We turned in our keys and went back to her room (she had left the outside door propped open) and chatted some more.  Finally around 12:15, we left.

Such a rough work day!  🙂

When I got home I cranked out the rest of my bachelorette packing, did my ab/arm workout, and watched tv.  Then I made a smoothie using cooked oatmeal for a late lunch.  I’m hoping it holds me over for a while and that whatever snacks my sister and the others have will do ok for dinner.

soooo good!

I’m not sure how much blogging will happen this weekend (possibly none), so until Monday…  😀

Countdown: SCHOOL IS OVER and 14 days until our wedding!


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