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School’s Out!!

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The school year, at least the part with kids, ended today!  I’m not even sure I can fully wrap my brain around this concept yet.

I still have a (half) day of work tomorrow, but it will consist of getting there at 8 instead of 7:20 (is it sad that 8 sounds late to be getting to work?), enjoying a staff breakfast at 9, turning in my grades, and turning in my keys.  Then I’m officially done and can REALLY get into wedding mode, starting with my bachelorette THIS WEEKEND!!!!

The last day with kids was pretty uneventful.  I gave them their finals, graded their finals, and managed to get two more signatures on my teacher check out form.  When I got home, I enjoyed a peach and a pb & j for lunch while watching mindless television (Say Yes to the Dress).

Later in the afternoon, after some indoor cycling while watching mindless television, I did my usual ab workout.  Then Mat and I walked over to Yogurtland to get some celebratory yogurt for dessert tonight.

I tend to be a pig when I go to Yogurtland.  It’s bad.  I guess it’s a good thing I don’t go very often!   I’m also not sure what I’m thinking since our wedding is 2 weeks from tomorrow, but I guess I figure that as long as I continue being moderate like I have been and I continue exercising, there’s no way I’m going to gain any noticeable weight in only 2 weeks.

Oh my goodness.  2 weeks.  It’s actually happening!!


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