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The Last Day With All 5 Classes

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Yup, that’s right.  Last day of all 5 classes.  And it was a modified (read: shorter) day so we could have our final staff meeting.  And, the staff meeting didn’t go as long as usual!  Double win!

I was already planning to stop by the nail salon where we’re having a nail party 2 days before the wedding so I could pay the deposit.  Since our meeting got out early, I was able to do that errand and still get home roughly when I would anyway on a modified Monday.  I then checked my ab workout off the list and was able to sit down at my stationary bike to watch tv/send email/blog.

I’ve noticed I’ve been blogging a little less often lately.  But don’t worry – I still love my blog.  My mind is just consumed with so many little things these days that I’ve been absentminded about taking photos and planning my blogging time.  That and I’ve been pretty tired too!  I’m hoping to get some guest posts scheduled for during our wedding/honeymoon so there’s still something to read.  🙂

Then, after the wedding and honeymoon and after things have calmed down, I’m hoping to take the blog a step further.  Perhaps a custom domain name and stuff.  We shall see what happens.  🙂

Dinner tonight is going to be an experiment with some random leftovers.  I promise to try and take pictures and write a thorough post on it.

I said I promise to try – with my brain lately, who knows.  😉

Countdown: 3 days of school and 17 days until our wedding.  AND 4 days until my BACHELORETTE!!


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