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I Love Productive Saturdays

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Saturday afternoon was rather busy, but yet very productive.  We (more like I) wanted to get the rest of the wedding errands DONE.  So, after my run and my morning productivity, and after Mat got back from work, we set out.

First we went to the nail salon where I’m planning to have the nail party.  I was hoping to pay whatever deposit they needed in addition to reserving the day, but the owners weren’t there so I’ll probably have to go back tomorrow.  But that’s ok because at least I got the day and number of people figured out.

Then it was on to Hallmark to get a lot of cards and then Target for some random little things.  Then we went over to Costco to put gas in my car and to Michael’s to get stickers to identify each guest’s entree choice on the place cards.  It turns out that the kind of stickers I wanted don’t exist, at least not at Michael’s, so after looking around for a bit I decided it would be simpler (not to mention cheaper) to just hand draw flowers on the cards.

This was a nice relief.  One less line to wait in.  We then went to get Mat’s dad’s father’s day gift and then to Costco for some groceries.

After dropping the groceries and Hallmark/Target purchases at home (and taking a potty and snack break – my goodness I was STARVING by this point.  I guess those overnight oats from the morning didn’t fill me up as long as I thought) we went to South Coast.

At South Coast I was hoping to find a lip gloss and fake eyelashes for the wedding from m.a.c. and go to Godiva for our monthly free truffle.  🙂  I originally intended to then go across the street to David’s Bridal to get my clutch/money dance purse.  But, when we were stopped at home before going to South Coast, I thought I might be able to find a purse at Macy’s, the same place where the m.a.c. counter was, and therefore kill two birds with one stone.  By this point, after all these errands, we were both pretty wiped.  Not to mention the fact that I’d run 14 miles that morning, taken care of several little wedding things at home, and Mat had work a 3:30 am to noon shift!

Finding a purse at Macy’s was a BRILLIANT idea.

I already love Michael Kors (the purse I’ve been using everyday for the past 3 years is Michael Kors) and when I saw this little white clutch/wristlet it was perfect.  Plus, MK is going to be my new initials!  How could I not buy it??  Better still, the sales lady told me everything was 25% off that day as long as it was over $100.  Since the purse was $98, I bought a Godiva chocolate for $3 and then paid a total of $83 for both.  A splurge?  Absolutely.  Worth it?  Definitely.  🙂

It was finally time for dinner.  We decided on El Torito Grill.  Another post to come on that!


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