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El Torito Grill

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El Torito Grill is one of our favorite restaurants.  We love their tableside guacamole.  We were originally going to use a restaurant.com gift card for dinner, but at the last minute decided we were really in the mood for Mexican food.

When we got there we had the option of sitting in the bar and enjoying happy hour drinks.  Um, yes!  Mat got a Cadillac margarita and I had a glass of Riesling for only $6 each.  In addition to the amazing homemade tortillas they give you, we shared an order of guacamole.  It’s delicious, but we both agreed that Mat’s guacamole is much better.  🙂

For dinner I had the shrimp enchiladas and Mat had the lobster quesadilla.  This was the first time we’d gone to El Torito Grill since we stopped eating chicken and pork, so it was interesting deciding what to have.  I’ve never thought to have seafood at a Mexican place, except for fish tacos, so it was kind of fun to branch out.

my shrimp enchiladas

Mat’s lobster quesadilla

I tried a bite of Mat’s and he tried a bite of mine.  Both were really good – they both had a mango pineapple flavor to it and bits of mango with the sauce and rice.  The best part?  We both took home leftovers!

When we got home, besides separating the place cards into chicken and salmon piles, we had the last soy ice cream sandwiches with the Godiva chocolate bar and a few strawberries.  Perfect dessert!

I keep saying I’m going to stop eating junk since our wedding is coming so soon now, but it doesn’t seem to be happening.  Oops…


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